Pancake Day 2021

On Tuesday 16th February 2021, YMCA Crewe celebrated arguably one of the best days of the year- Pancake Day. I honestly can't even believe we've reached this time of the year again already- Pancake day really crepe'd up on us this time! (sorry, couldn't resist)

Also known around the globe as Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day is a firm favourite as all that you are really required to do to celebrate the occasion is flip some delicious pancakes, and keep on eating them to your hearts content.

On a day where 52 million (yes, that's 52 MILLION!!) eggs are used and an ungodly amount of Nutella is consumed, it's easy to forget that Pancake Day isn't just about the excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea (or is it dinner?).

The tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday (a Christian festival) is actually more than 1,000 years old and was historically used as a way for people to eat up all their leftover rich foods before giving up luxuries for Lent, to remember when Jesus went into the desert for 40 days to fast.

Other weird and wonderful pancake-related habits have since developed, including my personal favourite- pancake races! As the name suggests, this involves people racing each other whilst flipping pancakes in a pan. It is thought that these races were inspired by a woman from Buckinghamshire in the 15th century who was so busy making pancakes that she lost track of time, and so when she heard the bells ringing for the Shrove Tuesday mass, she ran out of her house to make it in time and arrived still carrying her pancake in the pan!

Arguably, the most exciting part of Pancake Day is deciding what toppings to use. From the traditional lemon and sugar, to melted chocolate, to natural yoghurt, to eggs and bacon, the options seem endless. Do you go sweet? Do you go savoury? Do you have both? What a fabulous predicament to be in!

We at the YMCA Crewe believe that how you choose to top your pancake says a lot about you as a person, so here are some of our staff's favourites- judge away!:

Rachel, our Employability and Engagement Coach likes to top her pancakes with golden syrup and strawberries

Josh, our fundraising and projects officer obviously has a sweet tooth, and opts for Nutella, strawberries, honey and a sprinkle of icing sugar

Serkan, one of our Social Media Assistants, goes all out and has cheesy pancakes for his main course and then has peanut butter and jam for dessert

Lisa, our Community and Events Fundraiser keeps things simple, and has the classic lemon and sugar. Her partner on the other hand, has a slightly more *adventurous* combination of cheese and sriracha

I personally think the more chocolate the better, so my topping choice is a generous helping of Nutella, chopped banana and pieces of chocolate

Whatever you topped your pancakes with, we hope it was delicious.

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(Apologies if it made you really hungry, I for one will be off to make some more pancakes now!)