Introducing YMCA Crewe

Welcome to our first blog post!

As is typical of a first meeting, we thought we would use this post to properly introduce ourselves. So, hello- we are YMCA Crewe.

On 6th June 1844, Sir George Williams founded the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in London, along with 11 friends, with the aim of creating a safe place for young men to engage in bible study and escape the hazards of city life. Over the years, the organisation has grown rapidly, reaching the likes of Manchester, Canada and Paris, before landing right here in Gresty Road, Crewe, in 1984.

So then, what’s our ‘Y’? Here at the YMCA Crewe, we strongly believe that each person has a unique set of skills to be explored and developed. It is our vision that by helping people to reach their full potential, we can better the lives and futures of young people and communities and that eventually, we can end the homeless experience.

Our visions and values are reflected in everything we do- by day, you’ll find us exploring our resident’s talents in our Glo-Academy, running our various fun-packed kid’s clubs or cooking up a storm in our community cafe. By night, you’ll find us offering a safe place to call home to those who need it.

We decided to start this blog as a way to give the wider community an insight into everything we do here at the YMCA Crewe- from our amazing staff, to our wonderful residents, to all the daily goings-on, we want to share it all! We hope that by reading our posts, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the work that we do- maybe you'll decide that this area of work is for you, or you'll realise that one of the services we offer may be able to help you or someone you know, or perhaps you'll just enjoy reading our posts so much that you'll choose to stick around and subscribe for more. Who knows?

We hope that you like this new blog space of ours where we can share more with you and if you've made it this far into our first post, then thank you! We hope to see you here again.

From all the team at YMCA Crewe